Business Opportunity
Started in 2007, NAVTEJ has consistently led the industry in offering customers innovative products and services used in the construction of high-performing sustainable spaces. From the products we choose, to the processes we employ, we are committed to quality and to minimize overall environmental impact.

Our goals have always been to look for opportunities that will give our people challenge, development and an opportunity to implement the principles of management and construction, we have been teaching them.
Strengths & Strategies
Our growth is based on the emerging capacity of our people in relation to the emerging needs of our clients. In addition to client satisfaction, achieved by timely executing projects of desired quality, we strive towards building long term relationships with our valued customers.

The relationships forged and maintained with clients, employees and subcontractors throughout the years are most important than sheer growth of the company.
Strengths & Strategies
Those relationships help the NAVTEJ learn and grow in an industry where the rules of finding and developing opportunities keep changing. Our reputation for delivering the highest level of service in the industry is constant and is a critical element in our success.