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At NAVTEJ, our most valuable resources are our people, who carry forth our values, traditions and long-standing reputation for performance. We feel that values are equally as important as experience and education.

We take pride in investing the time and energy to recruit the best talent in our industry. We recognize that our company's success is based on the success of our employees. When we find the right individual, we have the environment, tools, and training to set them up for success.

You bring the passion, we bring the opportunities. If you have a passion to improve, a passion to learn and a passion to share ideas then come to be part of team NAVTEJ. This passion puts the company on a continual path of growth and is what we look for in new team members.

At NAVTEJ, we have constructed a culture that encourages people to venture beyond the brief and think big. Our work places and project sites are the most sought-after training grounds for young team members.

Please search our job listings and send us your resume to jobs@navtejinfrastructure.com


Senior Civil Engineers

Positions 4 [Job Description]  
Junior Civil Engineers Positions 4 [Job Description]  
Electrician Positions 1 [Job Description]  
Mechanical Engineer Positions 1 [Job Description]  
Labour Supervisor Positions 1 [Job Description]  
Cook Positions 2 [Job Description]